Square Root Soda X Salt Beer Factory – Lemon Shandy Gose ** Clearance **

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Working with their pals at Salt Beer Factory up in beautiful Saltaire, West Yorkshire, Square Root put together a gorgeous, fruity gose beer called – and Soda Boss Ed is very pleased with himself on this one – Untitled Gose Game. For the record, they have absolutely no affiliation with that beastly computer game bird or it’s honking, hat-stealing, ways. They’re just addicted to puns, ‘kay?

Unlike a meddlesome goose whose only aim is to make your day suck, their limited edition non-alcoholic Lemon Gose Shandy is a delicious sup, fit to put a spring in your step. Rich aromas of sweet Meyer lemon, fresh, floral rosemary, and a touch of sea salt are balanced with pine and pepper, and all this razzle dazzle makes Square Root Soda’s non-alcoholic Lemon Gose Shandy perfect, quality beer taste for anyone who isn’t drinking alcohol.

*These are just past the BBD but still taste fine*

ABV 0.5%

1 x 250ml

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