Northern Monk – 19.03 REDUCER DDH NZ PILSNER


This collaboration with North-East noisemakers PigsX7 is a crisp, post-set pilsner brewed with another from the North East, one of PigsX7 favourite brewers – Donzoko.

We’re all big fans of Donzoko’s outstanding Helles which has taken the UK beer scene by storm.  We went down a similar road with this crisp, hoppy pilsner that showcases some of our favourite NZ hop varieties.

Using Donzoko’s house lactic culture for mash PH adjustment, the beer was brewed with a grist of Bamberg pilsner malt backed up with Vienna for depth of malt character. Motueka was added in the whirlpool, which brings delightful lime zest notes to underlay the higher hopping levels to come. After fermentation it was dry hopped twice at different temperature stages with more Motueka and introduced notes of peach and apricot from Rakau, with the signature gooseberry and Sauvignon grape character of Nelson Sauvin rising over the top.

ABV 5.5%

1 x 440ml CAN


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