Track – Dreaming Of DDH IPA


Dreaming Of…DDH Idaho 7 | DDH IPA | 7% | 440 ml can

Packaged Date: 12/07/22

We love Idaho 7 here at Track if you haven’t already noticed. However, as much as we love it, we’ve never used it on its own in a beer, and for no good reason. So here it is, the next in our Dreaming Of series. Think of it as Mosaic on steroids – super pungent, and like you’ve just opened a fresh bag of hops when you first dive in for that first wiff. A smooth base of Pilsner malt, rolled oats and flaked wheat help the Idaho 7 to really show off its extremely dank qualities. Sit back and smell this for a while before diving in and enjoying a beautiful assault of hops.  


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