Queer Brewing – The Endless Gloom


The Pagans had the right idea with Saturnalia. As the night draws in and a ceaseless chill plagues your bones, a celebration of abundance, mirth, and conviviality (plus just a little excess) is a righteous fix for a weary soul. This winter, we’re honouring this with a transatlantic barleywine; a comforting embrace in the endless gloom.

This beer pinches elements from both American and English barleywines to create a delicious hybrid. Maris Otter, Munich, cara, and crystal malts impart dried fruit, toffee, dark caramel, and intense malt character, whilst UK Chinook, US Cascade, and HBC472 lend a few citrus, pine, sweet fruit, and wood notes; all fermented with a Californian ale yeast.

9% ABV – 440ml

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