Garage Beer – Green Couch


The West Coast IPA version of this contrast series edition, Green Couch is in many ways a very modern IPA.

The same hop bill as Red Couch of Cashmere, Citra and Bru-1 dispalys plenty of accented tropical fruit and melon notes but the citrus aspect of the hop bill is amped up when in West Coast form.

We have upped the bitterness from our recent West Coast IPAs on this one and combined with a slightly drier finish, we feel drinkability and overall hop sensation has been enhanced a as a result.

The same sleek malt base as Left which has the tiniest touch of the lightest of caramel malts give a kiss of sweetness that enahnces those resinous qualities we love in this type of IPA.

ABV 6.6%  1 x 440ml Can

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