Carnival Brewery – Dreaming of Twinship


Following its’s debut in 2021, we’ve rebrewed an experimental pale ale, which takes the form of a Kolsch pale, fermented at ale temperatures with a super simple malt bill of Maris Otter and Wheat.

The beer is dry-hopped with the awesome Wakatu and faithful Citra, then cold conditioned for three weeks to create a juicy and smashable pale with white grape, mango and papaya aromatics and a lingering demi sec finish. We’ve tweaked the rebrew recipe slightly to bring out more of the malt flavours and we’ve made it clearer to give you all a break from the opaque New England beer style.

During the development of this beer, we learned that Liverpool is twinned with Cologne, a city famous for its development of the Kolsch style lager biers. The two cities have a long trading history and, during peacetime, have a very friendly relationship.

Liverpool’s shipping trade to the Americas and Cologne’s trading connections with the Southern Pacific were ideal links for a beer made with American and New Zealand hops.
We want to maintain these bonds with our German and European cousins, and this beer is our pledge to keep outstretched the hand of friendship, through good times and bad.


Label design by our regular collaborator, Georgemma Hunt.

Barley, wheat, gluten

440ml – 5.2% ABV

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