Beak Brewery Drink-A-Long Beer Case & Brewery Tour LIVE STREAMED EVENT

Since we started bottle monkey we’ve have looked to bring new and differnt things to the Isle of Man Beer scene, and with the borders closed some the events we were hoping to bring you have had to be cancelled as invited guests can’t get here.

But with Lockdown came a familiarity with webinars, zoom calls and live social media and a whole new window of opportunity.

Luckily our friends at cave direct have turned to live streaming to get events up and running to entertain the beer lover and they have come up trumps with this one, which we can all enjoy together at Bottle Monkey.

On Friday 19th February at 7.30pm, host Jonny Garrett (Craft Beer Channel) will go live on Instagram and YouTube with the one and only Beak Brewery for a drink along show and brewery tour.

This is your chance to buy a drink a long case and join us in the shop to enjoy the live stream together.

Each case contains:
2 x Stangers IPA 5.0%
1 x Parade IPA 6.0%
1 x Dest Pils 5.0%
1 x Moon IPA 6.0%
1 x Queue IPA 5.0%

Plus a flyer created with Beak including tasting notes and event information.

We have limited numbers for this event so don;t delay if you don’t want to miss out.

And don’t worry if you dont get through all the beers on the night you’re welcome to take them home with you.

If for any reason you don’t want to attand the shop you can still purchase the case to drink along at home.

Please arruive no later than 7.15pom to ensure you are seated and ready for the start of the live stream.



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