White hag Tali Farmhouse saison?


Farmhouse Saison, aged in French Oak Barrels for 24 months.

The concept for this barrel aged beer has been to reproduce a classic farmhouse-style Saison from the Middle-ages, a style heavily influenced by the Wallonia region in Southern Belgium. Saisons were generally brewed when the summer work began to lessen and were intended for the seasonal workers known as ?Saisonniers?. Originally Farmhouse beers were specific to each house or locality as the micro-flora from farm to farm may have differed making the style vary wildly and beautifully.

For this classic Farmhouse Saison we brewed to a lower strength while using a blend of Belgian yeast strains with our own in-house wild cultures to create a beer that is more true to the traditional Farmhouse style. We then aged it on French Oak barrels for 24 months for that added light crisp spice.

Light golden straw colour.

Fruity and spicy with light tart finish and a slight touch of vanilla from French oak.

Fruity spicy nose, hay, slight touch of vanilla from the French oak.

Highly effervescent with a light crisp dry finish.

Water, barley, wheat, oats, hops & yeast. ABV 4.4%

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