Beer & Crisp Pairing 2 : Crisp Harder 26/11/20

After the scintilating events of pairing crisps and beer last year, Chief Monkey is about to go through it all again.
A team of terrorist crisps, led by Pickled Onion Space Raiders is holding entire cans of beer hostage.
The terrorists are planning to rescue a crisp lord from justice. In order to do so they have seized control of all the beers affecting all future sales. With no sales possible all beers have to remain on the shelves.
Chief Monkey and his band of guests have to be quick to eat the crisps and free the beer to enjoy with them.
Get your tickets now to assist in the fight against terrorist crisps and enjoy celebratory beers.
**Any similarity between the plot of Die Hard 2: Die Harder and our actual event is purely conincidental. We will be enjoying beers paired with crisps no real evil crisp activity will take place.
** Over 18’s onl


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