The pandemic on our doorstep has forced us all into lockdown and thrust our Emergency Services?onto the front-line.

As a small independent business, we don?t have an abundance of PPE, raw materials OR cash to donate, and felt we couldn’t do much to help except keep providing beers to our retail customers, so they coudl continue to enjoy that few minutes of escapism an amazing beer can offer.

So with all that in mind we had one question: How can we get a drink into the hands of someone who?s really earned it ?(our Emergency Service staff) and at the same time help out our wholesale customers in the hospitality trade.

So we landed on a simple idea, our customers will be able to buy a ?pint? on the bottle Monkey web-shop and nominate their favourite venue from a list of our wholesale customers.? Once the lockdown is lifted the money allocated to each venue will be passed over to the owners to make up a Blue Light Bar tab, and anyone with a Blue Light Card can show their ID and redeem a drink from the tab.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a beer, a cocktail, a coffee or a soda they get what they want they earned it.

This is a Pay it Forward scheme that will benefit local small business and those that deserve our thanks and that should be something we can all get on board with.


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